The BellyPOP Story

How BellyPOP came to be...

Helen Blondel BellyPOP

I was really out of shape...

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the stage. Singing was always my passion for as long as I can remember. Working hard toward my goal earned me many opportuniti​es at a young age, such as singing for NFL games, traveling state & country-wide for premium competitions, and even directing a school choir. Life was good!

But there was just one thing-- I was really out of shape. I wasn't the pretty girl in grade school. Boys didn't like me in that way and I never really had confidence in my self-image. That was until I discovered the beautiful art of belly dance at 13.

Until I was introduced to the world of fitness...

Belly dance showed me how to embrace my body as-is, and express myself creatively. Not to mention, the music and costumes were always so cool. It was an awesome hobby, that naturally geared me toward a more confident body image. Dancing led me to be part of reputable performance companies and even be on TV! But things still weren't all peachy keen. The only exercise I really did was belly dance during practice and my not-so-healthy eating habits remained the same. I would still sing my heart out at musical theatre auditions but never got a principle role because I just didn't have "the look" for a leading lady. Hearing constant "no's" in my late teens stirred up a lot of discouragement which led me to almost give up singing and dancing altogether. My mindset was.. I'm really good at what I do! But if doors won't open for my dream, why bother??

That was until college, when I was introduced to the world of fitness. It happened after waking up one morning in my dorm and just feeling like I needed a change! Sure, I felt great, but I wanted more! I wanted chiseled abs, strong arms, and toned legs. But more importantly, I just wanted to be healthy and strong. The gym was a scary place and I had no idea how or where to start

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All I remember is just going for it...

One day at university, all I remember is just going for it! After several years of learning and trying the many types of exercises, following nutrition plans given to me by my personal trainer, and understanding the difference between cardio and strength training, I finally found the formula, after trial and error, to became the fittest version of myself.

This, mixed in with my love for entertainment as a whole led me to an amazing career in experiential marketing where I got to be the face of some of the most popular brands in world, star in music videos, and be a VIP host for high-profile celebrity events. Ever since entering the world of fitness I've also had the opportunity to teach belly dance in a gym where I was able to share this amazing art form with dozens of women from all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

'Helen Blondel' 'Helen Belly Dance' 'BellyPOP' 'Orlando' 'Miami' 'Florida' 'Orlando Belly Dance' 'Miami Belly Dance' 'Belly Dance Classes' 'Online Belly Dance Classes' 'Belly Dance Classes in Orlando'

Bringing out your inner Belly Dance Goddess..

And now, I'm excited to share with you my personal workout regimen that I've used throughout the years to stay in shape-- BellyPOP™. BellyPOP™ fuses components of traditional belly dance moves, aerobics, and weightless strength training, to create a canvas for healthy muscle tone, fat loss, and most importantly.. bringing out your inner belly dance goddess! During this series, my goal is to show you that you are beautiful regardless of what society has taught you to think. And like me, sometimes in life to achieve your goal, you just gotta go for it!

With the BellyPOP™ workouts, challenges, and wellness videos, you, too will become the fittest version of yourself <3


Helen Blondel, Founder of BellyPOP™